Autumn like summer: temperatures will reach 25 degrees

by Lisboeta

Temperatures will rise and on Thursday, Lisbon is expected a day with off-season values.

Autumn has only just begun a month ago and seems to want to bring to our country, during this week, some summer airs. According to the Portuguese Institute of Sea and Atmosphere, maximum temperatures have begun to rise this week and will continue this Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. In fact, on November 19 we will have a scenario of clear skies or with high clouds throughout the continent and very mild temperatures for the season: to the north, the maximums will be between 17 and 22 degrees, for example.

In the center and south, we find even several districts and municipalities with 25 degrees maximum: Santarém, Lisbon, Sagres, Faro, Beja, Évora and some municipalities of Setúbal, will all be with this value to know the other station. Sines can reach 26 degrees.

As is normal at this time, it is already known however that it is not very hard: the sky promises to remain clear over the weekend but temperatures are expected to drop as early as Friday the 20th.

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