3 Cathedrals in Lisbon you can’t miss!

by Lisboeta

While Lisbon is thriving with all of the architectural landmarks and truly captivating sunsets, one cannot forget the cathedrals that it has to offer. Lisbon’s historical attachment to Catholicism has transformed the city in ways one cannot imagine. The prestigious walls and stunning décor in these cathedrals makes the city a slice of heaven on its own.

When visiting the capital, one can definitely not miss these landmarks that have made marks in Lisbon’s tourism!

The 1147 Lisbon Cathedral

Standing through the test of time is Lisbon Cathedral. Despite of all of the horrid natural calamities that have put this landmark to the test, it has proven itself to be one of the sturdiest and grandest pieces of artistry that’s made a mark in the city. Santa Maria Maior de Lisboa is a masterpiece built from Romanesque artistry.
Visiting the cathedral gives you the pleasure of witnessing the striking montage of the religious history of the city. There’s a reason why this site is often recommended to travelers!

Sé de Lisboa

Have a peak at the pristine beauty of Basilica da Estrela

When Portugal’s Queen Maria I had envisioned the basilica, there were certainly livid inspirations of purity in her mind. Being the first church to be dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, this piece of work is an experience on its own.

As you walk inside the basilica, you will find yourself in awe with the marveling dome that pours light to the crevices of the architecture. The beams of light seep through the marbles, making the entire area shine splendidly. If you’re curious about the queen, you will also find her tomb tucked neatly inside the premises.

Basílica da Estela

Walk through Bairro Alto and visit Igreja de São Roque

Wandering in Bairro Alto will bring you to a boxed-shape white Jesuit church that was one of the first of its kind: Igreja de São Roque.

Don’t let the cheeky exterior fool you. Entering into the church, one would find themselves in the extravagant presence of the altar. With the marbles and the immense amount of gold that’s splattered throughout the walls, you will be taken aback by what you’re going to see.

If you let your eyes wander to the ceiling, you’ll be lured in by the sheer amount of attention to detail that’s been put in the church. Even after many restorations and alterations to its interior, the church has stood perfectly as a landmark in the Alto.

Igreja São Roque

Sightseeing in Lisbon will not be complete without visiting these works of art. Take your cameras out and walk through streets. You won’t forget this experience!

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