Central Lisbon introduces car restrictions

by Lisboeta

Traffic access to the downtown Baixa-Chiado area of central Lisbon, will be exclusively for residents, drivers with car signs and authorized vehicles, between 6:30am and 12am, from the summer, announced the city hall.

From July/August a car sign/sticker will be necessary to access central Lisbon and, in the case of residents, to park on the road. The access will be controlled every day between 6:30am and 12am.

Between these times vehicles with more than 7.5 tons will not be allowed, except authorized heavy passenger vehicles, urban hygiene vehicles and emergency vehicles.

With the exception of residents and citizens with reduced mobility, vehicles registered prior to the year 2000 will also be prohibited.

Vehicles of security forces and services, civil protection and emergency services, funeral vehicles, motorcycles, mopeds and velocipedes do not need a sign/sticker.

ZER covers part of the parishes of Santa Maria Maior, Misericórdia and Santo António, and is delimited to the north by the Calçada da Glória, Praça dos Restauradores and Praça do Martim Moniz, and to the south by the axis formed by Cais do Sodré, Rua Ribeira das Naus, Praça do Comércio and Rua da Alfândega.

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