COVID-19 measures for Christmas

by Lisboeta

A different Christmas is right around the corner. Here’s the measures for Lisbon for the 24 and 25 of December


The new measures you will read below are subject to change on December 18, the day on which there will be a new assessment of the situation. Don’t take them for granted.

There is still no official risk map in the counties between 24 Dec and 07 Jan. This means that these measures can be updated on December 18th.

24 and 25 of December

  • Circulation between municipalities is allowed at Christmas;
  • You can walk on the street but only until 02:00 (2 AM);
  • Restaurants can be open until 01:00 (1 AM);
  • The usual closing time of cultural spaces (22:00) does not apply.

Don’t forget

  • Use of mandatory mask in all public spaces for people from 10 years, whenever you can not keep the 2m away. Exceptions here.
  • It is mandatory to wear a mask in your workplace if you do not have the possibility of teleworking
  • Measurement of temperature by non-invasive means when entering work, school, means of transport, shops, cultural and sports spaces
  • Telework is mandatory as long as this is possible and will be insured. More information here.
  • Mandatory confinement for patients with COVID-19 and persons on active surveillance
  • Maximum 6 people at events and celebrations unless they live in the same house
  • The sale of alcohol in service areas is prohibited. In stores is prohibited from 20:00
  • It’s forbidden to consume alcohol on the street
  • Cars with more than 5 seats can’t ride more than 2/3 of their capacity unless they live in the same house
  • Companies have to adopt turnover scales, different entry/exit times, breaks and meals. More information here.
  • There can be no gatherings on the public road with more than 6 people
  • Shops must close until 22:00, except restaurants and cultural spaces that can close until 22:30 (exceptions: take away, pharmacies, offices and clinics, funeral homes, gas stations and rent-a-car)
  • Trade fairs and lift markets prohibited unless the municipality allows
  • Restaurants:
    • maximum capacity of 50%
    • maximum of 6 people per group, unless they live in the same house
    • mandatory to make reservation
    • maximum of 4 persons in establishments up to 300m of a school and food-courts of shopping centres

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