COVID-19: New general rules for Portugal

by Lisboeta

The government has established new general rules for the country so that the return to school goes in the best way

With the return to work after the holiday period and classes for students who have been at home since mid-March, the increase in the number of infected is accepted as an inevitability, but the Government wants to ensure that contacts are reduced to a minimum. And António Costa, Portugal Prime Minister, even warned: the “risk of contagion outside the school is not less than in school or in companies” so even outside the work or school context it will be necessary to continue with redoubled care.

Gatherings of more than 10 people are again prohibited and rules are again imposed more restricted to the hours of commercial establishments: the closing hours that have been in force in the Lisbon region will apply again, and it will be up to the municipalities to decide between 8 pm and 11 pm this limit.

  • Gatherings limited to 10 people;
  • Shops may not open before 10am (with exceptions);
  • Closing hours of establishments between 20h and 23h, by municipal decision;
  • In shopping center catering areas, maximum limit of 4 people per group;
  • Prohibition of the sale of alcoholic beverages in the service stations and, from 20h, in all establishments (except meals);
  • Prohibition of the consumption of alcoholic beverages on public road.

The return of the public to stadiums and other sports venues is not coming soon. Graça Freitas, the Director General of Health had announced it at the last press conference of the DGS and António Costa justified with the type of behavior of each person in different contexts. “We all know that our behavior in film, theatre or show is very different than when we watch a sporting spectacle,” the Prime Minister said.

Also, if you are traveling and staying in Portugal, please download the STAYAWAY COVID app. STAYAWAY COVID is an application for iOS or Android phones that aims to assist the country in tracking COVID-19. The application allows each of us to be informed about risk exposures to the disease simply and safely by monitoring recent contacts. The application is for voluntary use and free of charge and at no time has access to your identity or personal data.

Stay safe!

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