COVID 19: New measures and exceptions

by Lisboeta

The government’s new measures to combat the pandemic come into force on Monday.

This Monday, November 9, Portugal begins a set of new rules in the fight against the pandemic of Covid-19, at a time when the country sets consecutive records of daily cases of the disease. One of them is the curfew in the 121 municipalities (Lisbon included) considered at high risk of transmission of the virus.

The Council of Ministers decided to lock down between 11 pm and 5 am during the week, and from 1pm on the weekend. After the measure was announced, the question remained: is it possible to go to the supermarket at this time?

The decree-law regulating the state of emergency, which will extend at least until November 23, was published this Sunday, The 8th, and opens this and other exceptions. Although travel to the supermarket is permitted during the curfew period, the document states that anyone travelling to such an establishment should not be accompanied. This applies on weekends, as the confinement on weekdays is from 23 hours.

The same applies to travel for health reasons, in particular for the purchase of products in pharmacies or obtaining health care and transport of persons to whom such care should be administered.

There are also trips by veterinarians, animal keepers for urgent veterinary care, zookeepers recognised by municipalities, volunteers from zoophilic associations with animals in need of animal shelters and animal rescue teams for urgent assistance.

In supermarkets, as well as in all commercial spaces, a body temperature control will be made, and the person can be prevented from entering the space if he refuses to measure body temperature or has body temperature equal to or greater than 38 degrees.

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