Dinning with the stars: 5 Lisbon restaurants you must try

by Lisboeta

Second part of our article about Michelin awarded restaurants. Following our first part that you can check here, the menu today will have 5 one star Lisbon restaurants that are just too good to miss. Spread across all Lisbon, they are the perfect ending for an amazing day discovering Old Lisbon streets. Located in Parque das Nações, Chiado, Parque Eduardo VII and the old docks, be sure not to miss the surroundings and sightseeing before your meal.

One Star restaurants – Lisbon

Eleven, by Joachim Koerper

“Eleven is a unique restaurant that is considered the top addresses for gourmet cuisine in Lisbon. The restaurant offers a concept of sophisticated Mediterranean cuisine that only uses the freshest products available. The ambiance at Eleven is both cosmopolitan and comfortable, offering the perfect atmosphere to experience creative cuisine.”

The menu:

LISBON (98€): Our “Sopa da Pedra” (Soup of Stone), “Portuguese Sea” – Assorted fish from the three continents of Portugal or “My day in Singapore’s food market”, Portugal’s cheese Map and “Lisbon’s sidewalk” (chocolate, cherries and almond)

ELEVEN (129€): Salad and Winter vegetables with black truffle, Scarlet shrimp with our “Caldo Verde”, Chef’s selected fish, Loin of “Black Angus” beef with its smoked short rib, polenta with pine nuts, red wine sauce with
pepper or Lamb carré, mustard crust, artichokes, Winter vegetables and mustad sauce, Portugal’s cheese Map and “My version of the famous Pastel de Nata, and its bica”

Reservations and more information:

By Phone +351 21 386 22 11, Email: [email protected] or in the Website: http://www.restauranteleven.com/contacts


Rua Marquês de Fronteira, Jardim Amália Rodrigues 1070, Lisboa

Epur, by Vincent Farges

“Chef Vincent Farges is at home and this is where he serves plates that he identifies with, these are created with the acquired maturity over a career of more than two decades.
At Epur, he does plates with greater freedom of expression which are demanding and thorough and combine several sources of inspiration: French, Portuguese and Asian, amongst others.”

The menu:

PETIT APPÉTIT (70€) Starter, Main Course, Dessert. Wine pairing (25€)

4 MOMENTOS (90€) Starter, 2 Main Courses, Dessert. Momento Vínico / Wine pairing (40€)

6 MOMENTOS (125€) 2 Starters, 2 Main Courses, 2 Desserts. Wine pairing (60€)

8 MOMENTOS (160€) 3 Starters, 3 Main Courses, 2 Desserts. Wine pairing (80€)

Reservations and more information:

By Phone +351 213 460 519, Email: [email protected] or in the Website: https://www.epur.pt


Largo da Academia Nacional das Belas Artes 14 R/C 1200-005, Lisboa

Fifty Seconds, by Martín Berasategui

“FIFTY SECONDS Martin Berasategui, SANA Group’s newest restaurant project, is located atop the 120-metres high Myriad by SANA hotel, in the iconic Vasco da Gama Tower. The 50-second lift ride to the top of the tower is the reason behind the name of this new restaurant, FIFTY SECONDS Martín Berasategui, a reference space in the Portuguese and international restaurant industry. FIFTY SECONDS Martin Berasategui is more than just the chef’s gastronomic take on the city of Lisbon. It’s a spiritual project with the best team of professionals, all of whom with a single goal: to ensure that all courses are an explosion of aromas and flavours.”

The Menu:

FIFTY SECONDS (140€): Cod brandade with Manzanilla and yuzu mayonnaise, Caramelized mille-feuille of foie-gras, green apple and eel, Egg yolks in carbonara of herbs, beetroot and pork mask carpaccio, Grilled hake, truffled onion with clams, parsley polenta and acidulated poultry jus, Charcoal grilled ox fillet, bed of chard chlorophyll and cheese bonbon, Txakoli with orange, lemon peel and blood orange granita and Caramelized brioche toast and coffee ice cream.

TASTING MENU (180€): Oyster with green olives juice, wasabi emulsion and crunchy seaweed, Sautéed sea scallop, cauliflower and chive cream, noisette butter foam and sherry vinegar, Oscietra caviar, Vegetable leaf and petals salad, herbs, sprouts with lettuce cream and king crab, Grilled scarlet prawn, black garlic, meyer lemon puree, Red mullet, pearl barley with artichokes, cockles, saffron emulsion, Suckling lamb with parmesan cheese, wild mushrooms and smoked eggplant puree, Blood oranges, beets and yogurt with allspice and Apple, vanilla ice cream with black truffle, salted caramel and pecan nut

Reservations and more information:

By Phone +351 211 525 380, Email: [email protected] or in the Website: https://www.fiftysecondsexperience.com


Cais das Naus, Lote 2.21.01 1990-173, Lisboa

Feitoria, by João Rodrigues

“Located in Altis Belém Hotel & Spa, the Michelin-starred Feitoria Restaurant, aims to provide experiences that go far beyond dinner. With a signature cuisine and a vision focused on the origin of the product, the whole experience at Feitoria is about the product with a great respect for the producers. We want the people that visit Feitoria to sense the smell of the wet earth and the sea breeze again, to have contact with the product and with the people that best take care of them. We want them to dream, to laugh, to enjoy, to taste, to LIVE.”

The menu:

TERRA 8/10 PATHS (95€/110€): Turnip greens, tofu, sesame and smoked broth, Green Peas, Pumpkins from Hortelão do Oeste, Topo cheese from São Jorge and garlic, Cauliflower, hazelnuts and chickpeas, Asparagus and champagne sauce, Potato, celery and fresh herbs, Broccoli, gingube moamba and onions, Spinach, mushrooms, egg yolk and truffle ravioli, Bergamot, orange and pistachio and Canelé, apple, toffee and Horácio Simões Moscatel vinagar ice cream

MATÉRIA 8/10 PATHS (115€/140€): Bluefin tuna, caviar and daikon, Sea and land, Pumpkins from Hortelão do Oeste, Topo cheese from São Jorge and garlic, Algarve scarlet shrimp, Black and white, John-Dory, tarïd, cabbages and bivalves, Alentejo pork presa, grilled lettuce and pepper paste, Small game, carolino rice and melanosporum truffle, Bergamot, orange and pistachio, Canelé, apple and toffee and Horácio Simões Moscatel vinegar ice cream

Reservations and more information:

By Phone +351 210 400 208, Email: [email protected] or in the Website: https://www.restaurantefeitoria.com/EN


Doca do Bom Sucesso 1400-038, Lisboa

Loco, by Alexandre Silva

“A tree, a stove; light, stone, nature. Heart.
The kitchen is where the heart of Chef Alexandre Silva and his team is. It occupies a larger area than the restaurant room and expresses the philosophy of the cook, who doesn’t hesitate to present an innovative concept in Lisbon. In the LOCO kitchen there is a respect for the micro-seasons, the products are used on the right time and with a close contact with the suppliers. LOCO is an organic project that values the national products and the nature. Is inspired by the tradition has references of the national cuisine, but raises them to another conceptual level, researching and experimenting with new procedures.”

The menu:

LOCO (113€): 17 Courses. Our menu is inspired by the tradition of Portuguese flavors.
We work with micro season products in order to enjoy the best flavor of each product and comply with our 0% waste policy. We only have one tasting menu, developed by the harmony between passion, creativity and research work.

Reservations and more information:

By Phone +351 213 951 861, Email: [email protected] or in the Website: https://www.loco.pt/en/reservations-contacts


Rua dos Navegantes nº53-B 1250-731, Lisboa

That’s it for the top Lisbon restaurants awarded with Michelin stars. Keep tuned for the third part with three more restaurants right outside Lisbon in the villages of Cascais and magical Sintra!

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