Dinning with the stars: Cascais & Sintra

by Lisboeta

The third and final part of our Michelin guide for the Lisbon area is here! Three 1 Michelin star restaurants left in the Lisbon area. This time, right outside Lisbon, in the village of Cascais and the magical wonderland Sintra. In Cascais, Fortaleza do Guincho. Built in the XVII century and with an amazing view to the ocean. In Magical Sintra you will discover two more awarded restaurants, right next to each other with Serra de Sintra as background.

One Star restaurants – Cascais

Fortaleza do Guincho, by Gil Fernandes

“The inspiration that comes from the sea
Acclaimed Chef Antoine Westermann introduced in 1998 a French fine dining restaurant concept, which quickly became a reference in Portugal.
Originally with a classic French concept, since the summer 2015, the Portuguese products and traditions have been gaining prominence at Fortaleza do Guincho. His philosophy is based and inspired by the Atlantic, the background setting of the Hotel. The best fish and seafood from the Portuguese coast as well as the highest quality of local and national products are a constant on the Guincho table, honoured and created in every dish, every season, recognized by national and international press and critics. In 2001 the restaurant received a 1*Michelin, held until today.”

The menu:

4 COURSE TASTING (95€): With Wine Pairing (140€) The menus are created with a philosophy of gastronomic values based on Product Quality, Flavour, Tradition, Esthetics and Seasonality.

EXPERIENCE MENU (145€): With Wine Pairing (230€) The menus are a demonstration of the Memories, Culture and the History of our Country.

Reservations and more information:

By Phone +351 21 4870 491, Email: [email protected] or in the Website: https://www.fortalezadoguincho.com/en


Fortaleza do Guincho Estrada do Guincho 2750-642, Cascais

One Star restaurants – Sintra

LAB, by Sergi Arola

“Not all hotels are the same. Neither are restaurants.

For someone looking for a place of creativity, discovery and inspiration… It’s here.

Awarded by the prestigious Michelin Guide with its first star, LAB by Sergi Arola is a celebration of artistic creation and gourmet cuisine in a setting that is sophisticated and modern.

The quality and freshness of the seasonal ingredients as well as the innovative touch in each detail turns into a gastronomic adventure that awakens the senses and where each taste is a delight. With a privileged view of the magnificent golf course, the restaurant offers an intimate and exclusive atmosphere. LAB by Sergi Arola provides an elegant cuisine with three diferent tasting menus as well as à la carte options. The restaurant also offers 550 wines from around the world, exclusive Cognac and Armagnac selections and a tea menu with 40 different varieties.”

The menu:

DESCOBERTAS: Classic dishes created to excite – providing a carefully chosen amuse bouche, starter, fish course, meat course and dessert.

SERGI AROLA: Classic dishes created to excite – a journey that blends an amuse bouche, two starters, fish course, meat course, pre-dessert and two desserts.

LOUCURA A LOUCURA: A true paradise of gastronomic delights – comprised of a wide selection of dishes from the entire menu.

Reservations and more information:

By Phone +351 219 249 011, Email: [email protected] or in the Website: https://labbysergiarola.com/en


Estrada da Lagoa Azul, Sintra 2714 – 511

Midori, by Pedro Almeida

“Midori, which proudly carries the title of the only Michelin-starred Japanese restaurant in Portugal, offers diners a unique culinary adventure showcasing modern Japanese fine dining and the highest quality ingredients.

The restaurant features a sophisticated, light-filled interior and intimate surroundings, complemented by breathtaking views of the Sintra Mountains.

Midori in Japanese means “Green” in honor to the dominant colour that surrounds one of the oldest Japanese restaurants in the country, between the huge garden of Penha Longa Resort and the magical Serra de Sintra.

In the “new” Midori, inaugurated in 2017, everything was thought out to the last detail. The room was redone for that opening, but the restaurant had its origins 25 years earlier. All that has remained from the old Midori is its essence – the quest to be different, exclusive. Now that exclusivity has been reinforced and can be seen in every detail, starting right at the entrance. The restaurant’s refined decor, allows attention to be focused on the kitchen, dishes and service. The Japanese-Portugal intercultural relationship is reflected in the hand-painted mural that symbolizes the arrival of Portuguese sailors in Japan in 1543, in addition to the 3D undulating wall panels that represent the sea and a reflect a unique cuisine, one which is not fusion, but distinct: Japanese with Portuguese touches.”

The menu:

UMI: 7 Moments – Miso Soup, Mukozuke, Yakimono, Sushi, Sakana and Dezato

KIRI: 8 Moments – Miso Soup, Mukozuke, Osuimono, Sushi, Sakana, Yasai, Pre-Dezato and Dezato

YAMA: 10 Moments – Miso Soup, Mukozuke, Osuimono, Yakimono, Sushi, Sakana, Niku, Yasai, Pre-Dezato and Dezato

Reservations and more information:

By Phone +351 219 249 011, Email: [email protected] or in the Website: https://midoripenhalonga.com/en


Estrada da Lagoa Azul, Sintra 2714 – 511

That’s all for 2020! Don’t forget to check the first part of this series here, where we talk about the two stars restaurants. Also here for the one star restaurants in Lisbon area.

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