Dinning with the stars: Two new stars in Lisbon!

by Lisboeta

Portugal has now 35 Michelin stars, with lisbon restaurants ‘100 Maneiras’ and ‘Eneko Lisboa’ awarded one star each.

100 Maneiras, by Ljubomir Stanisic

“100 Maneiras. Or Ljubomir Stanisic. Because 100 Maneiras can’t be dissociated from Ljubomir – nor the other way around. We know what was born first – the cook, in 1978 – but we also know that talking about 100 Maneiras is talking about the most-Portuguese-Yugoslavian-cook-ever.

The name of the brand aims to provoke, stimulate, to think. It refers to the absence of rules, but also to the infinity of forms. Because this group doesn’t want preconceived norms and prejudice is not allowed. There are no limits to creativity. No barriers. Borders aren’t limited. There is tradition and there is innovation, knowledge and imagination, seriousness and jokes. The only absence is monotony.

Ljubo inaugurated the first restaurant when he was 26 years old and had been living in Portugal for seven years. The 100 Maneiras of Cascais was open between 2004 and 2008 and gave the Yugoslav knowledge (recognition) and experience. If the chef says that he has learned more from his mistakes than from his victories, the bankruptcy in Cascais was one of the setbacks that served him well.”

The menu:

A História (125€): First we travel to where Ljubomir Stanisic was born. Then we see how he grew up, where he traveled to, what caused an impression. There are 17 moments in this journey that is physical (and starts in Bosnia), but above all emotional. A Story that is rewritten every day, depending on the days of the chef-patron’s life – but also of his team, led by executive chef Manuel Maldonado
(Wine pairing: 115€)

O Conto (95€): Some say a tale never loses in the telling. And so this Short Story wins: emotion, flavor, surprise… The condensed version of “The Story”, tasted in 11 moments.
(Wine pairing: 90€)

Ecos do 100 (vegetarian) (110€): It is a love letter, a declaration of principles. A vegetarian and eco (logic) menu that echoes the concerns of the chef and 100 Maneiras. A hedonistic commitment to the Earth and the Species. A statement of principles. With many endings…!
(Wine pairing: 100€)

Reservations and more information:

By Phone +351 910 918 181, Email: [email protected] or in the Website: https://100maneiras.com/en/contact/


Rua Teixeira, 39, Bairro Alto – 1200-459 Lisboa, Portugal

Eneko Lisboa, by Eneko Atxa

“The Eneko Lisboa restaurant, by the Basque chef Eneko Atxa, who currently holds 6 Michelin stars, is the most recent gastronomic project of Penha Longa Resort.

Eneko Lisboa brings to the city of Lisbon fine dining “plus local nuances”, whilst remaining true to the philosophy of the three Michelin Star Azurmendi restaurant.

In Eneko Lisboa, diners will experience the essence, intensity and unique flavour of the traditional Basque cuisine with modern and innovative touches.

In the new Eneko Lisboa restaurant, Chef Eneko Atxa develops and shares his great creativity acquired in the Azurmendi *** and in the ENEKO restaurants throughout the world. His passion and sensitivity, cultural roots, connection with the surrounding land and its products define the Eneko Atxa’s gastronomy”

The menu:

Erroak (110€): Erroak (“Roots”) consists of iconic Eneko dishes that have remained in the menu due to their singularity
(With wine pairing: 185€)

Adarrak (125€): Adarrak (“Branches”) is comprised of Chef Eneko Atxa’s newest creations.
(With wine pairing: 210€)

Reservations and more information:

By Phone +351 912 411 863, Email: [email protected] or in the Website: https://enekoatxalisboa.com/enekolisboa/en/book/


Rua Maria Luísa Holstein 5, 1300-388 Lisbon

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