Lisbon and Porto will host “test” concerts to evaluate the possibility of summer festivals

by Lisboeta

It will be one of the measures that result from the conversations that have taken place between the music events sector and the Ministry of Culture.

Promoters of music festivals have had regular meetings with the Ministry of Culture to propose measures and investigate the possibility of major events taking place already this year.

According to online newspaper Observador, there is a great step to be taken in this direction. Lisbon and Porto will host “pilot events”, which will be medium-sized concerts, and which will act as a test. They may happen as early as April, and it is dependent on the dates of release.

The model that is being considered and being defended by the sector is the “bubble festivals”, in which only people who test negative to Covid-19, with or without vaccine, can participate. It is a measure similar to that which has been taken in aviation and is being thought of in other countries.

The objective of the “pilot events” will be to evaluate the behavior of the participants, to understand what is the indicated capacity, whether or not it is necessary to force physical distancing or the use of the mask. It is not yet defined whether they will be seated or standing or whether covid-19 tests will be done on site or whether, as in the case of aviation, they can be done a few days earlier.

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