Lisbon Tourism Association presents the new Urban Art route

by Lisboeta

There are real works of art, full of meaning, to discover in the streets of the capital of Portugal.

The Portuguese capital was chosen by many Portuguese and international artists to be literally their canvas. The new promotional video of Turismo de Lisboa reflects this just by presenting the new Urban Art route that shows the real open-air works of art that are practically at every corner of the city.

Alta de Lisboa, Bairro Alto, Amadora, Loures, Entrecampos, Marvila, Parque das Nações, Monsanto and Barreiro are some of the places present in the video that makes Lisbon known from the perspective of Public and Urban Art, in the eyes of artists who have been sculpting, painting, drawing and coloring. Some of them, present in the video, such as Vhils, PichiAvo or Bordallo II, have a national and international recognition, with numerous exhibitions in their own name.

Whether in buildings or own facilities, in Lisbon there is no shortage of options for a day of sightseeing to admire the interventions of the artists. The tourism of the capital highlights the Panoramic Monsanto, Quinta do Mocho and the “City of BD/Comics” (Amadora) where it is almost impossible to be indifferent to the works present there.

The promotional video of the new Urban Art route is the stage of the artistic expressions of Cix, Daniel Eime, Ergo Bandits, Felipe Pantone, Frederico Draw, Godmess, Gonçalo Mar, Hazul, Margarida Fleming, Maria Imaginário, Mário Belém, Medianeras, Patrícia Mariano, Odeith, Samina, Sara Morais, Slap Sktr, Smile, Tamara Alves, Third, Vanessa Teodoro, Kruella D’Enfer, and Portuguese Urban Art Association.

In the campaign “Encontrei Lisboa“, promoted by the Regional Tourism Entity of the Lisbon Region and Lisbon Tourism Association, you can get to know better the various urban art routes that exist in Lisbon, through the purchase of this route, which costs 20€.

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