Mandatory street mask use to come to an end on September 12

by Lisboeta

The mandatory use of a mask in outdoor public spaces expires on September 12

It will perhaps be one of the most memorable moments in the post-Covid return to normality. After two renewals of the decree of law that imposed the obligation to wear masks on public roads, the Assembly of the Republic – the only body that can decree its end -, should opt for non-renewal.

“We don’t see the need to extend this obligation, we see the need for all of us to continue to have the care we have to take, following the recommendations of the General Directorate of Health”, explains Ana Catarina Mendes, stressing that “there is a general understanding that the obligatory use of the mask is not on the table”.

Graça Freitas spoke on the same topic this Sunday. The director-general of Health considers that measure can be important but should not invalidate care.

“The risk of outdoor transmission is much lower, and with 85 percent of the population predictably vaccinated with two doses, the circulation of the virus will be much lower,” she pointed out at the end of Sunday, September 5, on the SIC antenna. “The opinion of the DGS is that with 85 percent of the vaccination, as the studies indicate, it will be a positive measure.”

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