Money Heist fan? Watch images from Tokyo in Lisbon!

by Lisboeta

Filming of the last season of the Netlifx hit show is taking place in Portugal.

It was this Tuesday, September 1st, that some of the actors of the famous Spanish production of Netflix Casa de Papel (Money Heist) took to the streets of Lisbon. From Bairro Alto to Bica, going through a trip in the mythical elevator, and culminating in a traditional camp of popular saints parties, several were the images that this Tuesday circulated on social networks with Úsula Corberó, the actress who plays Tokyo, dancing through the streets of the city.

It is by this scenario that Tokyo walks, euphoric and lively, with what appears to be the character played by one of the new actors of the series, Miguel Ángel Silvestre. The two form a loving pair in these scenes — which may serve as a flashback to introduce this new character (something Tokyo’s hair also seems to indicate, given that it is wearing the same hairstyle from the beginning of the narrative).

Several fans and curious recorded videos and photos that captured the streets of Bairro Alto decorated for “La Casa de Papel” (Money Heist) and with Tokyo circulating through the scenery and among the Portuguese extras.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly magazine, the creator of “La Casa de Papel” (Money Heist), Álex Pina, had already said that this last season will be the most epic ever. “We’re moving from a game of chess — an intellectual strategy — to a war strategy.”

In addition to Miguel Ángel Silvestre, the cast has a new acquisition, Patrick Criado. There is still no scheduled release date, nor is it known how many episodes will be filmed or if there will be other actors in Portugal.

Find below some photos and videos from twitter users:

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