One of the largest pump tracks in Europe has opened in Lisbon

by Lisboeta

It was designed to receive international tests, but also to be one of the most diverse spaces for the practice of physical activities in Lisbon.

The project, which results from efforts made between the Parish Council of Parque das Nações and the City Council of Lisbon for the revitalization of the Tagus Park (Parque Tejo), is based on the area where it is located, since it overlooks the Vasco da Gama Bridge and the Tagus River.

The super track, explains the parish council on the official website, “is the largest Portuguese track for this sport and one of the largest in Europe”.

“Built by Velosolutions, it will be one of the most beautiful tracks in the world that, in addition to being homologated to receive international competitions, will be a space of playful and sports activity different from others and that promotes motor coordination the resistance of practitioners and social interaction”, it reads.

The new spot of the city was inaugurated on October 18, being the stage of one of the world championship qualifiers of Pump Track, which first passed through Lisbon. In total, 56 participants used the complex for the World Cup qualifying match. The fastest Portuguese on the Parque das Nações track was Bruno Cardoso, with a time of 30.085 seconds on the course.

The next day, October 19, the two-lane complex became open to the general public. It’s just that next to the main track — the one that caters for competitions — there’s a learning track. The Parish Council of Parque das Nações ensures that even the kids can give their pedaling.

The shortest track is 80 meters long and the second track — also the most challenging — comes close to 300 meters long. “The children’s track has 14 jumps with wheels and four curves with berms. The large track has 47 roller jumps and 12 curves with berms”, explains Velosolutions.

The goal is for this infrastructure to become even more versatile, so equipment will be progressively installed for other activities such as street basket, table tennis, climbing and a bio-healthy instrument park, for example. Use is free of charge.

“Our ambition is to make The Tagus Park one of the most diverse spaces for the practice of physical activities in the city of Lisbon”, reveals the Parish Council of Parque das Nações.

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