Parking in Lisbon will continue to be free as long as there is confinement

by Lisboeta

The suspension was in effect until Sunday, but as the lockdown remains, the Lisbon municipality decided to extend free parking throughout the city.

The payment of parking on the public road in the city of Lisbon will remain suspended as long as the current conditions of confinement remain, said this Friday to Lusa source of the Lisbon municipality.

Although the Lisbon City Council, chaired by Fernando Medina (PS), has advanced for a month that the measure would be in force until February 28, the proposal approved by the Lisbon City Council and the Lisbon City Assembly “does not foresee an end date”, indicated official source of the office of the Councilman of Mobility, Miguel Gaspar. “As long as the conditions of confinement remain this suspension also remain,” he said.

Residents with a couplet will thus continue to be able to “park for free in any park” of the Lisbon Municipal Mobility and Parking Company (EMEL). Couplets that were valid on January 15 are valid until March 31.

EMEL inspectors also continue to monitor compliance with the road code with regard to parking on a sidewalk or pedestrian walkway.

The Lisbon Municipal Assembly approved, on February 2, the temporary suspension of parking payment on public road charged by EMEL, with the votes against the PS and in favor of the other political forces.

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