Portugal is the country in the world with the highest percentage of the population with complete vaccination

by Lisboeta

In recent days it has overtaken Malta, which occupied first place. UAE close the podium.

The effort of recent months, to speed up the vaccination process against Covid-19, has once again placed Portugal at the top. According to data from Our World in Data, Portugal is already the country in the world with the highest percentage of population with complete vaccination, and the second when we talk about at least one dose taken.

Specifically, data from the Oxford University platform show that 81.10 percent of Portuguese people are already fully immunized. Malta is second on the list with 80.91 percent of the population having both doses taken.

The United Arab Emirates is the third country in the world in terms of complete vaccination (78.5 percent) but leads when we talk about a population that has already started the vaccination process (89.6 percent).

Portugal follows in second place on that list, just slightly below, with 86.85 percent of the population having at least one dose taken. Malta, with 81.05 percent, and Qatar, with 80.55 percent, are the other countries where at least four out of five people have started vaccination against Covid-19.

Data compiled by Our World in Data are as of September 13th. Below you can see the graph with the data from this latest update.

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