Roman galleries open this friday… online!

by Lisboeta

In normal times today would be the day when the Roman galleries at Lisboa’s baixa would reopen. But due to coronavirus outbreak this year, the experience will be online and in 3D.

This 2000 years old roman monument was discovered after the infamous 1755 Lisbon earthquake, during the reconstruction of a building.

The landmark’s different stories, traversing numerous hundreds of years, got the enthusiasm of guests and visiting the Rua da Prata Roman Galleries is a one of a kind encounter. Because of the coordination encompassing the opening up of the Galleries, alongside the landmark’s conservation, it can only be visited a few times per year, during one or two weekends.

The trip to 2000 years into the past lasts around 20 minutes with groups of around 25 people. The group is accompanied with a guide who shares the story and facts of this monument.

Since for now we must remain home, the Museum of Lisboa, in partnership with Im-arch created an online experience, where you can visit this landmark. Using 3D techniques you will be able to visit “Augustaesn baths”. Click here to start your jouney!

roman gallery

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