The best river beaches right outside Lisbon

by Lisboeta

Summer is here and summer means beach for Portuguese people. Besides the famous beaches that Lisbon has to offer with the cool ocean waves like Caparica and Guincho. However if are looking for something more tranquil, there are a few riverside beaches around Lisbon worth looking.

Praia do Samouco, Alcochete

35 minutes away from Lisbon

Praia do Samouco

The village of Samouco, municipality of Alcochete has its leisure area which includes river beach, an excellent park of Merendas and a sports area to exercise.

It is a beach of choice for citizens and visitors of the surroundings who still find next to the Beach a Picnic Park, which meets all the conditions for family picnics and moments of fraternization.

Before arriving at the beach, along the pedestrian circuit, there is a set of sports equipment for public use, as well as a mini skate park.

Praia da Valada, Cartaxo

50 minutes away from Lisbon

Praia da Valada

On weekends when the heat tightens, instead of going to the beaches of The Marginal of Lisbon which is what most Lisboetas do, hence the traffic jam that is that road, another option well low cost is to visit the village of Valada about 10km from Cartaxo and 66KM from Lisbon.

In this locality where the Tagus is the king there are many occupations that has this river as the main source of income, for example the fishing of the shad, but what we will talk about is its riverside area where is located the “Fluvial Beach” the Park of Merendas de Valada or the Boarding Pier to practice water sports.

Praia Doce, Salvaterra de Magos

50 minutes away from Lisbon

Praia Doce

Praia Doce (Sweet Beach) as it is known in Salvaterra de Magos. This river area was requalified in 2005 see the changes are radical and now yes it can be considered a River Beach and Leisure Area seriously. It is about 70 km from Lisbon, an hour’s drive away, so much sought after by people at weekends, beginner.

Being the weekend that has more affluence The Sweet Beach of Salvaterra has currently and permanently a surveillance team of volunteer firefighters during the weekends.

Now, this area has an extensive sand because it was all clean. The area is very good for baths for children because throughout the bathing area has foot, even at high tide. With low tide, height is on the knees of an adult.

Praia Fluvial Foz do Lizandro, Mafra

45 minutes away from Lisbon

Praia Fluvial Foz do Lizandro

The river beach of Foz do Lizandro is best known for the sea surf beach, but here we talk about the river area of the River Lizandro or Lisandro that flows here. So this is a 2 in 1 beach, i.e. it is river and sea beach at the same time.

More than a summer destination, this beach is a leisure centre, offering modern bars and restaurants with outdoor terraces. Establishments can be found along an elevated passage, parallel to the river/sea front. Foz do Lisandro River Beach

The most frequented area is the sea area, mainly by surfers, so the Rio area is a quieter area for lovers of river beaches and if you wish you can take a jump to the Atlantic Ocean also take a dip.

Praia Fluvial do Rosário, Moita

40 minutes away from Lisbon

Praia Fluvial do Rosário

The Rosario River Beach, located in Largo das Forças Armadas 20 in Rosario, municipality of Moita is the last river beach of the Tagus River, but it is certainly the one that has the most extensive sand, because it has about 1 km of sand and by the way even very clean unlike others like Alcochete or Samouco.

It is in Rosario, municipality of Moita, and is the last river beach of the Tagus River. The shells of the river oysters are a little throughout the sand, which is approximately one kilometer long. Showers, a restaurant called Tagus Bay, two picnic parks, a lifeguard and a playground are some of the things you’ll find in this area. Attention only to bulls runs, a common practice in the area, particularly in summer. If so, there is no beach for anyone.

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