The second edition of the Imago Festival is here

by Lisboeta

The festival main goal is to present contemporary photographic practices, but also show photographers with recognized value.

The second edition of the Imago Festival has already started, a festival that wants to promote photography in Portugal. From October 1to November 15, in Lisbon, you will be able to explore the entire universe of this world, including exhibitions, lectures, meetings, and workshops — ideal for photography lovers, experts or simply curious.

The festival has artistic direction of Rui Prata and will have numerous activities taking place in various points of the Portuguese capital. The National Museum of Contemporary Art houses the exhibition of Todd Hido, a well-known American photographer. The Carpentry Companies of São Lázaro will host works by Catarina Osório de Castro, Marco Godinho or Paola Paredes while the Reservoir of Mãe D ́Água das Amoreiras will receive a show by Adél Koleszár and Arko Datto.

You can also find other activities in spaces such as the Lisbon Municipal Archive or the Carlos Carvalho Gallery. The full program is on the organization’s website and tickets vary according to the exhibition, with free activities and other activities that are paid — prices range from €2 to €4.50

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