Top 3 Jaw-Dropping Attractions in Lisbon

by Lisboeta

There’s surely more to Lisbon than merely being the capital city of Portugal. Strolling through the streets of the city can truly astound any traveler! The grand artistry that brushes itself across the city’s antiquity will send shivers down the spine; the number of eloquent architecture that’s both humbling and empowering will make you want to extend your vacation a little bit longer.
For any traveler who’s interested in indulging in this experience, this list is a preview of the (some of the) most jaw-dropping sights to see in Lisbon!

Feel like a royalty in St. George’s Castle

Standing tall and proud in the middle of Lisbon, you will find the prestigious St. George’s Castle (Castelo São Jorge). Having been around since the 1st century BC, this luxurious architectural landmark is one of the most prestigious sites in the city.
Walking through the walls of the castle will make you feel as though you’ve been brought to a historical theatrical play. With its over-the-top location on a hilltop, you would definitely feel like a part of the Roman royalty!

Castelo São Jorge
Castelo São Jorge

See the fairytale beauty of Torre de Belem

Belém Tower sits on north Tagus and has been around since the 16th century. Declared in 1983 as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it was built with the hands of the artists of the Renaissance. You would have never guessed that the tower was firstly designed by a military architect named Francisco de Arruda.

While lovers come and go, this tower remains to be a consistent landmark that has been famed for giving out the best Instagram shots for young people. The picturesque location of the tower as it stands above water gives it the most stunning overview during sunset.

Torre de Belem
Torre de Belem

Travel back in time at Alfama


In between of São Jorge Castle and the Tejo river, one would find themselves in a quirky and interesting district in Lisbon that’ll surely be a walk to remember: Alfama. With the river’s breeze embracing the vicinity, travelers can stroll through the rugged pavements and interesting shops and pubs without breaking a sweat.

From Lisbon’s famed cathedrals like the Lisbon Cathedral and the Monastery of São Vicente de Fora, Alfama is a compact location that’ll satiate your desire for historical exquisiteness. The sloping walkways of this district will take you through an out-of-the-box experience that other parts of the city cannot give.

If you’ve ever been to Lisbon and yet have not been in Alfama, you’re surely missing out!

All of these sights attest to why Lisbon sightseeing will always be a never-ending stream of touristic locations. The city definitely has been blessed with striking sceneries that’ll make you extend your day trips in Lisbon!

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