Traveling to Lisbon? More than 30% received at least one vaccine dose

by Lisboeta

More than 30% of The Portuguese have received the first dose of the vaccine against Covid-19

This weekend, vaccination records were once again broken in Portugal. The vaccination campaign is progressing in Portugal and at the moment 32 percent of the population has already received a dose of the vaccine against Covid-19. The number of people with both doses reaches 14 percent.

These are the latest vaccination data in Portugal and were known at the end of the day on Tuesday, May 18. The greater Lisbon region was where the most vaccines were administered this week, 201 197 doses. Still it is the north that has the highest total number, with 1 575 709 doses.

It is in the age group of over 80 years that the progress is more advanced, where 89 percent has already received complete inoculation (two doses). It follows the 65 to 79 year old age group, where 89 percent have already received a dose and 23 percent have already completed vaccination.

Until today, Portugal has received 5,197,920 doses of vaccines. This report reports that 4,686,071 have already been distributed.

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