Video from Portugal’s tourism awarded in LA

by Lisboeta

The movie stresses the importance of passing positive messages in an emergency situation like the one we are going through.

“With this campaign, we are associated with the country’s enormous effort to raise awareness among all. And also in the creation of hope, so necessary in the days we live. We know that people and companies face extremely tough challenges, but I believe in the humanity and strength of the Portuguese people. We are resilient and united we will be able to overcome this difficult chapter in our history. I truly believe that ‘there will be time’ ” – Pedro Machado, president of Turismo Centro de Portugal

Turismo Centro de Portugal led the national initiative to launch the “Haverá Tempo!” Campaign, in which it points out ways for a near future, post-pandemic COVID-19. The campaign calls on the Portuguese to stay at home, remembering that “there will be time” to know or return to the Center of Portugal, which will be waiting for all visitors when the disease is resolved.

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