Web Summit 2020 – Day 1 highlights

by Lisboeta

Web Summit all digital version starts today. Here’s some of the highlights for Wednesday, December 2

The ​CEO and president of Paypal, Dan Schulman​, in his first interview since Paypal’s decision to incorporate cryptocurrency, will discuss how crypto will become an everyday payments tool, and will also talk about the fact that the global pandemic has accelerated a number of trends, including consumers abandoning cash.

The founder of ​Anduril Industries, Palmer Luckey will talk about how the market cap of tech companies being “wound up with China” stops many from working with the military, and how they don’t want to do anything to upset Chinese leadership or risk being blocked from that market, either presently or in the future

Some press conferences taking place today include the likes of Commissioner Thierry Breton, Sir Tim Berners Lee and John Bruce, Minister Bruno Le Maire, Minister Pedro Siza Vieira and Drew McIntyre.

The conference will run daily from 12pm to 8pm GMT.

Partners & speakers making announcements today include:

  • Artemy Lebedev, founder of Russia’s largest design company Art. Lebedev Studio, is set to announce the launch of a new service from Nikolay Ironov, the studio’s AI graphic designer, at Web Summit 2020.
  • Space Perspective is announcing that it has closed a $7 million series seed financing for the development and early flights of Spaceship Neptune to the edge of space.
  • TERMINUS GROUP is to announce its 3.0 products– Terminus AI CITY. It can be understood as an advanced stage of the digital and intelligent transformation of cities in the future, being the result of quantitative accumulation to qualitative progress made in the field of AIoT technology.
  • The three Portuguese representatives for the grand finale of UK’s Tech Rocketship Awards will be announced at a Roundtable during WebSummit.

Startups making announcements today include:

  • Danish software company DecideAct goes public
  • Wemby partners with Glycanage to explore mental health impact on biological age
  • Human Cosmos app unveils AI-Powered virtual Cosmic Guru at Web Summit 2020
  • Evercity presents Smart Sustainable Bond protocol at Web Summit
  • BIOS to pioneer new treatments for heart disease using neural interface technology
  • MEDICAL-X presents renewed software to support remote medical training
  • Smart Engines has launched a new generation of recognition systems under Green AI principles
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