Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga

Discovering the Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga

Located in Lisbon, the Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga offers a deep dive into Portugal’s rich artistic history. The museum, established in 1884, calls the Palácio Alvor-Pombal home.

Unique Features

The museum boasts a collection of over 40,000 items. These span a millennium and include art from Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas. You’ll find works by famous artists like Hieronymus Bosch, Raphael, and Hans Holbein the Elder.


The museum came into existence after Portugal abolished religious orders in 1833. This event brought a wealth of religious art into the public domain. The museum initially showcased collections from the Portuguese royal family and the National Academy of Fine Arts.

More than Just Paintings

The museum doesn’t just focus on paintings. It also offers a wide range of sculptures, goldware, furniture, textiles, ceramics, and prints. A highlight is the collection of Portuguese metalwork, dating from the 12th to the 18th centuries.

Visitor Info

In 2018, the museum drew 423,054 visitors. It ranks among Portugal’s most visited museums. For the most current information, check their official website.

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